Private Server Community posted on 29 Mar 2017 17:30

Tags: aqwps partner plasmily private-server shutdown slater-river

So I am a part of a community called Adventure Quest Worlds Private Server Community a.k.a AQWPS Community. I have created a separate identity called Slater River. I am well-known in the community and am very well respected in it too. (read more…)

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New Site, New Life posted on 22 Mar 2017 17:49

Tags: knowledge learn new-life new-site not-perfect

So I have been redoing this site for some time now in fact I have have just recently brought back the site about me. It started to be just for job searching but it has grown bigger than that. When I think about expanding my knowledge and put myself out there it really seems like I'm starting a new life. I'd like to start over for a lot of things but for the human race it's just not possible. If we could start over I would go back and do a lot of things over in my life. (read more…)

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