Names To Be Known By & Reminiscing posted on 04 May 2017 20:15


I have been into online games for awhile. Actually to be exact I have been to gaming since I was seven but that really doesn't matter. I am, after awhile of being online have held many names which some to most have held to be known all across the world. I guess you could say I am international but that sparks the mind of inclination. These names that are known are Ethan Charge, Chiffy, Slater River, Darby Aspen Jud, jdarby98, etc, etc. The point to for this is more of a reminiscing stand-point now I guess. (read more…)

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Bullying posted on 28 Apr 2017 19:36

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Have you either been bullied or been a bystander of bullying? Either way bullying is lot of things, but it's not cool. I'm talking about bullying here today because I've been there, in both circumstances. I want to prevent bullying, as it should not even be happening at all. I will give you some key tips on how to prevent bullying from happening. (read more…)

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Punishment With The Utmost Kindness posted on 17 Apr 2017 19:45

Tags: ideas secret sharing shut-up

So a couple of days ago I got in trouble for doing the dumbest thing I could of done… Sharing. Now I know what you're probably thinking. It's stupid as all get out, well not for me. I have come up with great new ideas that are, well to me awesome. I plan to go and own my business (most likely a research facility) where I can just come up with an idea, make/develop it and sell it. What a wonderfully thing right? Well I made the mistake of saying it out in public and basically someone stole my idea. (read more…)

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Remember The Golden Rule posted on 05 Apr 2017 16:53

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The Golden Rule. What does it mean? Well some would say "Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated" others would say "If You Don't Have Something Nice To Say, Don't Say It At All". There are many forms of "The Golden Rule" but nowadays people take it to heart. (read more…)

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Remember Joshua Stevens posted on 03 Apr 2017 17:14

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