Names To Be Known By & Reminiscing

04 May 2017 20:15

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I have been into online games for awhile. Actually to be exact I have been to gaming since I was seven but that really doesn't matter. I am, after awhile of being online have held many names which some to most have held to be known all across the world. I guess you could say I am international but that sparks the mind of inclination. These names that are known are Ethan Charge, Chiffy, Slater River, Darby Aspen Jud, jdarby98, etc, etc. The point to for this is more of a reminiscing stand-point now I guess.

I have striven to come up with a name that I will stick with to a fault but for me, realizing it now is not possible.

I have a extremely creative mind that wants embark on it's own but is caught by the barrier of it's own logical sense that says it wants to stay. I always fighting with myself and I don't know why. So because of this I try to be forever known as Slater River. You can still call me other names that I will answer to but I will try to stick to Slater River.

All of my developments/works have and will under the names of Slater River or Joshua Darby. This is not because I trying to succumb to the dark side of the internet but because I want to maintain a central status name. To be known online I feel will empower me not out of corruption but to greatly impact others in a positive way.



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