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29 Mar 2017 17:30
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So I am a part of a community called Adventure Quest Worlds Private Server Community a.k.a AQWPS Community. I have created a separate identity called Slater River. I am well-known in the community and am very well respected in it too.

I am known for doing Website Design & Development, Programming, Managing Databases, Virtual Private Server/Virtual Machine Hosting, Hosting Private Servers, etc. To sum it all up I can do everything in the community except Flash Design.

Unfortunately, I have been out of the community for some time and will continue to do so until the first of october. This is just because I need a break from all the drama that happens in the community. I mean Private Server Wars - that's ridiculous. So I will be putting an end to this as of the first of october.

I plan to monopolize that community and I will do it by force. I am trying to partner up with Plasmify so we can dissolve this problem. I mean no one should be DDoSing another server just because they stole something or because they are one's rival. This just shouldn't be happening so I will be putting an end to this.

People are being severely petty over this stuff and I have even seen some of my really good friends quit the community just because of this and I hate it. I despise this! I loath this!

From now on if you want to play a certain server you will just go to one site and choose what server you will want to play. Anyone who tries to put up their own will be shut down upon recognition. I have made my own script that can and will take down servers instantaneously.




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